Five benefits 5G can bring for our life


5G is the fifth generation mobile phone mobile communication standard, also known as the fifth generation of mobile communication technology


There are three main features of 5G , high speed, large capacity and low latency.


The benefits 5G can bring to people's lives mainly include faster Internet speed, the wide application of cloud technology, the development of the Internet of Things, the maturity of driver-less technology, and the development of VR.


1. Faster Internet speed

For example, For a more intuitive example, you can download a high-definition movie with 5G in less than one second.



2. Wide application of cloud technology

4G May still mainly solve the problem of watching movies online, chatting and playing games, but 5G is more about solving the problem of data. High speed is essential to the cloud, where data will be uploaded in the future.


3. Development of the Internet of Things( IOT)

The Internet of Things, like cloud computing, is a speed and capacity hog. After the development of 5G, the terminal equipment of the Internet of things will also undergo corresponding changes, and the smart city, smart home, logistics and other aspects will be more intelligent.


4. The maturation of driver-less technology

Low latency is a big feature of 5G. This will be crucial for autonomous driving, facilitating the maturity of autonomous driving.


5. The Development of VR

The technology of VR is not yet mature, and after experience, it will be found that some VR headsets will give people vertigo, and the longer the playing time, the more severe the vertigo. In fact, because the speed of data transmission can't keep up with the reaction time of our brains and eyes, there is a lag between the two. The low time ductility of 5G enables the development bottleneck of VR to be broken through.


Due to the advantages of 5G, such as high speed, large capacity and low delay, major brands such as Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung have produced corresponding mobile phones and tablets in recent years, which have been favored and recognized by consumers.


Taiwan manufacturer Mediatek has also produced the Dimensity 700, Dimensity 900 and Dimensity 1200 chips, which have been a boon to the white-branded tablet market. Although the popularity of 5G tablet is not very wide, but from its advantages, we believe that it will be applied to more fields in the future, and create a better life for us with technology.


Chitech has released a new education tablet K13 to meet the market trends as below


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