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  • International Salesman


    1. Major in foreign trade, full-time bachelor degree required, with the ability to independently develop customers can be reduced to full-time junior college;

    2. Two to three years of foreign trade experience in related products, tablet, laptop, all in one computer, e book reader, digital photo frame, IOT devices, and professional foreign trade knowledge and good working habits;

    3. No matter the market demand is strong or weak, I can have clear goals, positive attitude and open mind to obtain orders;

    4. CET4 or above, with good listening and listening skills;

    5. Outgoing and talkative, love sales, and have the ambition to become a top salesman

    If you would like to schedule an interview, please contact our administrative director Miss Lee 1382310791

  • Domestic salesman


    1. Full-time college degree or above

    2, studious, love sales work, ambitious;

    3. Responsible, realistic, familiar with Taobao, Alibaba and other online stores is preferred;

    4. Familiar with the domestic business process and expand the domestic market;

    5. Responsible for domestic trade order negotiation, signing, document review and management, customer fund recovery and other related work;

    6. Make full use of offline channels, supply chain introduction, exhibition participation and other relevant channels to actively seek new customers and promote the promotion and sales of products;

    7. Responsible for the collection, sorting, statistics and maintenance of customer information and data, and other tasks assigned by superiors.