Quality Assurance

Part 1  Strict and perfect supply chain system to ensure the quality of the key components.
Part 2  We conduct quarterly and annual audits of our suppliers, including on-time delivery, quality of delivery, pre-sales and post-sales services, etc.
Part 3  The project must pass a series of reliability tests beforehand: these include a constant temperature and humidity chamber, interface plug life test, key life test, hardness test, insulation and high voltage test, battery capacity divider.
Part 4  We have the strictest requirements for incoming material inspection, most of our materials are fully inspected before going on line, some materials are extensively sampled.
Part 5  Strong and effective IPQC inspection: IPQC will supervise each union to work according to the requirements of the inspection link, if there is a single defective product more than 3%, the project will be required to deal with the most urgent matters and analyze the solution quickly, such as IPQC found that the product has a major defect or problems, have the authority to request to stop the line processing, until the problem is solved.
Part 6  Aging test: Each product, after passing the full function test, will be 100% scheduled for a video playback aging test of up to 4H to ensure the stability of the product function.
Part 7  To ensure the quality of the products , all finished products are subjected to rigorous fullfunction testing and a second random inspection of the finished products will be carried out in the warehouse after they have been put into storage.